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Donate a plant

Visitors often offers us various plants which they can no longer have at home. We are very grateful for these offers, however, we are not able to accept some plants  because we have no room for them. These are mainly common pot plants. But if you have a rarer species at home, which can’t be bought in classic garden centers, you can contact one of our curators:

Outdoor collections: Zdeněk Šípek – zdenek.sipek [at] natur.cuni.cz

Greenhouse collections: Tomáš Procházka – tomas.prochazka [at] natur.cuni.cz


In the e-mail please state (i) a scientific name of the plant, (ii) origin of the plant and (iii) add a photograph.

We will contact you, whether we are interested in your offer.


Thank you.

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