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Regulations for visitors

Regulations for visitors to the Botanical Garden of the Science Faculty, Charles University, Prague


1. The Botanical Garden is a purpose-built facility of the Faculty of Science. They are maintained as a public park, both as an area of relaxation for students of the Albertov campus of Charles University and to support good relations between the faculty and the public.

2. The external areas and greenhouses of the Botanical Garden is open to the public except when closed due to special events or for technical reasons. Entry to the external areas is free of charge.

3. The external areas and greenhouses are monitored by CCTV.

4. The opening hours of the external areas and greenhouses of the Botanical Garden are published on the website and displayed on the premises.

5. Entry fees to the greenhouses are published on the website of the Botanical Garden

and displayed on the premises.

6. Photography or the making of any audio-visual recordings in the Botanical Garden for commercial purposes may be done only with prior approval and following the signing of appropriate agreements with the Faculty of Science.

7. The following activities are prohibited in the Botanical Garden :

  • The use of radios or other loud instruments
  • Riding bikes, motorcycles, skates, skateboards, children trolleys, scooters etc.
  • Ball games, and other sports.
  • Bringing dogs into the Garden.
  • Taking short cuts, walking on the lawns or flowerbeds.
  • Entering closed and experimental parts of the Garden.
  • Picking plants or collecting fruits and seeds.
  • Damaging equipment in the Botanical Garden or moving benches, nameplates or other equipment.
  • Littering the Garden, for example with cigarette butts, chewing gum and garbage.

8. The Botanical Garden is patrolled by staff who ensure that regulations are followed. They are entitled to remind visitors of the need to respect the regulations. Staff have the right to refuse visitors access to the Botanical Garden.

9. Compensatory damages due to theft of exhibits or collections, or any wilful damage to furniture, will be legally enforced.

10. The use and parking of motor vehicles in the Garden is permitted only with the consent of the Director of the Botanical Gardens.


Prague, November 28, 2011

Prof. Dr. Bohuslav Gas, PhD.

Dean of the Faculty

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